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Envision!  A Capital Campaign

Aldersgate United Methodist Church and the church’s new non-profit, Holy City Missions, are launching a joint campaign to envision a brighter future for our neighbors most in need.  The Envision! campaign is our expansion effort to build a suitable permanent home for the poverty ministries that serve the neediest among us.   This will allow us to continue poverty mercy ministries and expand not only capacity, but develop sustainability opportunities to help struggling neighbors get back on their feet.  Will you join us in envisioning a brighter future for our neighbors?

The Need

The outreach ministries of Holy City Missions began organically in response to various observed needs in our local neighborhood.  Over time small outreach projects grew into larger ministries and provide shelter, food, toiletries, access to hygiene, and other support to countless individuals every week.

Our challenge going forward is three-fold:

  1. We are out of space.  Holy City Missions is hosted in the educational building at Aldersgate United Methodist Church. We do not have adequate space for food storage, we’re limited on restroom and shower facilities, and we’re limited on when we can offer ministries due to schedule conflicts.  The need and the will to grow are present, but we are out of room.
  2.  Our current facilities present safety issues for our guests and volunteers.  Our facility was not designed for these programs and we face regular logistical challenges trying to keep everyone involved safe and secure.
  3.  We are eager to grow into the ‘next step’ by offering sustainability ministry.  We want to help people gain the ability to support themselves, whether that’s through job and computer training, support in recovery, parenting and family support, connections with the broader range of community resources, and offer discipleship opportunities for personal growth.  We simply lack the space to expand into these next areas of service.

 The Opportunity 

With a designated facility we envision….

  • Expanded Winter Warming Shelter operating season
  • Offering a summer time Cooling Station.  
  • Expanded Clothes Closet 
  • Increased Food Bank storage to include a more refrigerated & frozen foods
  • Offer a Mail Room for our guests.  A stable mailing address is crucial for receiving government aid, crucial documents, and maintaining contact with support networks.
  • Establish regular access to Restrooms and a Permanent Shower Facility.  Many of our guests have been able to get a job because they were showered and in clean clothes.
  • Establish a Computer Lab for our new computer job skills program.
  • Create Classrooms to be used for various life skills courses, such as financial literacy, parenting support, and soft job skills. 
  • Create Offices to partner with other poverty agencies in our area to offer counseling, benefit bank services, and to connect with additional regional resources. 
  • Create an Outdoor Prayer Chapel for use by individuals seeking private reflection or for group use. 

We are thrilled that God has given us the opportunity to serve in this way and we are grateful for your support!  Thank you for helping make the vision a reality!

Ann Hamilton

Board Chair, Holy City Missions

Envision a Home for Holy City Missions 

  • Secure Entry Vestibule
  • Mail Center
  • Common Room / Dining Space
  • Men’s Sleep Room 
  • Women’s Sleep Room
  • Family Sleep Room 
  • Men’s & Women’s Restrooms
  • Men’s & Women’s Showers
  • Laundry Facilities
  • Food Bank Store Rooms
  • Food Bank Distribution 
  • Commercial Kitchen 
  • Clothes Closet
  • Classrooms
  • Offices 
  • Outdoor Prayer Chapel

The Plan

Construct a permanent home for our outreach ministries to serve the present need and expand into additional sustainability programs. 


2.25 Million

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